my encouraging women


food and drinks

Purple watercolor


We are all equal

This social integration kit tries to express diversity and provide, the person who receives it, some tools to feel integrated in society as much as desired.

The characters in my mind

Fanzine base on the book "Los personajes de mi mente" from Pepe Martínez


Knopf is a unique handmade toy art created in konsulandia


German deklination explanation from the word "the totem" ("das Totem") through illustrations placed over the same background. The objekt interacts with the verb in different forms, which is illustrated in the way the totem takes place in the action. In Nominativ it is pasiv, in Genitiv it is a prepositional objekt, in Akkusativ it is direkt objekt and ind Dativ indirekt objekt.

The backgrounds are serigraphied over Canson and the actions are marker over vinyl acetate.


Destroyed and desolated backgrounds for situations occurring to unknown people. It represents the decadence of everyday choices and actions happening to normal people, the history that is not in the history books, what Miguel de Unamuno called "intrahistory" (intrahistoria). A ruin is a collection of tracks leaved behind by others actions.

The backgrounds are painted with graphite, pen and indian ink over watercolor paper. The situations are drawn with marker over vinyl acetate.

Da Vinci's anatomic figures

Leonardo da Vinci's anatomic illustrations drawn on a body, as the main character in a performance inspired on this artist.